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About Us

"Rest Assured": for your Peace of Mind

We are a Proudly-Australian registered Business (ABN 20 624 837 565) based in NSW. We provide tailored accommodation in Australia to suit your needs and budget, with 3FELLAS Guaranteed QualityTM .

Rest Assured! We understand your concerns about your stay in Australia.

Rest Assured! Our carefully-selected and honestly-presented products and services assure YOU peace of mind.


Having seen how Students, Ex-pats and New Migrants suffer attempting to find a suitable place to live in a foreign territory, dealing with the endless hassles in coping with the many regulations and uncertainties, 3FELLAS Stayz was created to BUILD THE BRIDGES for you; WE do the work, YOU reap the benefits. Start enjoying your new life IMMEDIATELY!

One serious obstacle for new arrivals is the "chicken-and-egg" dilemma of providing a rental history when you are trying to lease your first property. So often, this ends up with rejection of tenancy applications. "REST ASSURED": we have this covered! 3FELLAS Stayz provides LEGAL TENANCY AGREEMENTS to our tenants! Yes, even if you’re sharing! Problem solved!

3FELLAS Stayz provides you with a multitude of leasing options to choose from, based on YOUR specific requirements & budget. All our properties feature 3FELLAS Guaranteed QualityTM measures, focussing on close proximity to local public transport, shopping centres, restaurants & cafes, and prominent schools/education centres.

Our services include Airport Pickup and Drop, Home-cooked Food (tiffin), Weekly Cleaning, and even Home Delivery of Groceries!

We also offer Consulting Services to prospective job-seekers as a part of our value-added services.


Why Us?

3FELLAS Stayz Guarantee

  • Legal Tenancy Documentation
  • Official Rent receipts
  • Fully furnished accommodation
  • Safe & Secured apartments
  • Clean & hygienic living
  • Local Public Transport (max 10 mins walk)
  • Local Shopping Centres/ Grocery shops (short stroll)
  • Restaurants & cafes